testimonials - METOS by Pessl instruments

JIM BRITTON, Britton Ag Consulting – UNITED STATES

“My name is Jim Britton, my company is Britton Ag Consulting, I do irrigation consulting, weather monitoring, disease monitoring, insect monitoring with the product Pessl Instruments has. […] I got involved with the distribution of Pessl instruments through another gentleman who was working for them before and I just like their platform and their dashboard a lot better and it was a good selling point, too, because the farmers could see exactly what was going on with their crop and know if it needed the water or not.”

Farmer and independent ag consultant, Jim Britton, discusses his experience as a Pessl Instruments representative for growers in the California market. See what else he’s got to say about the benefits of using Pessl Instruments equipment.


We want to thank Jim Britton for sharing his detailed experience with us through Farm Equipment.


“Hello, my name is Art Womack, I’m a citrus grower in Hardee County, Florida. And this is my Grove and this is my wonderful weather station so I know how much and when to water my orange grove. […] We water far less at certain times of the year so we save money on diesel fuel, save money on fertilizers, we don’t push the fertilizer through soil so rapidly that it gets past the roots and doesn’t get absorbed.”

Listen to what else has Art got to say about his METOS installation.


We want to thank Art for trusting METOS brand and Pessl Instruments team with his citrus groves.

CODY ESTES, President at Estes Citrus Inc – UNITED STATES

“The FieldClimate platform has made monitoring our weather and soil moisture information a breeze. The equipment has been reliable and accurate. “

Read what Cody Estes said about his METOS equipment.

CODY ESTES – TESTIMONIAL (in written form)

We want to thank Cody Estes for his kind words and we are excited to see how METOS brand will support his hard work in the future.

dr. MURAT SALIH, farmer and electronic engineer – TURKEY

“I am a full-time farmer and an electronic engineer. Our agricultural production farm is in the Central Safe Village of Kilis. I have been using the iMETOS system for 2.5 years. […] The iMETOS system has enabled us to make timely and correct decisions in many fields of agricultural production and changed the way we do business. These areas can be summarized as sowing, spraying, fertilizing and irrigation timing.”

Read what dr. Murat Salih wrote about his METOS installation.

Dr. MURAT SALİH – TESTIMONIAL (in written form)

We want to thank dr. Murat Salih for a comprehensive feedback he gave on his experience with his tools and services under METOS brand.


“Аграрная Школа” (Agrar School) YouTube channel, which is done by AGROMANAGEMENT and Agrimarket prepared a video about our iMETOS 3.3 and iMETOS ECO D3 with Sentek sensor, described by them as a universal autonomous weather monitoring system. Beside unpacking both stations, they answer the question what weather station is, how the particular station is installed, etc.

“Аграрная Школа” (Agrar School) – TESTIMONIAL VIDEO

We want to thank both Аграрная Школа and Eurasia group ТОО “Евразия Групп Казахстан”, the general sponsor of the video, for preparing the video.

MURAD, agronomist of Fazenda LLC – RUSSIA

We were excited to receive this video made by ФЕРМЕР.RU. They filmed feedback from Murad, the agronomist of Fazenda LLC in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, South of Russia. In his 2000 ha farm, he uses our iMETOS 3.3 – IMT300 version station with soil sensors, weather forecast, and disease model license. Mr. Murad presented and explained which sensors he uses, and how easy it is to get information and data from our cloud. He is particularly fond of the data that help him with irrigation management and planning.


We want to thank both Murad for sharing his experience and ФЕРМЕР.RU for catching it on video.