Системи підтримки прийняття рішень у виробництві авокадо

How to produce more avocado with less?

Avocados represent one of the most popular cultivars and the market for avocados is among the fastest expanding markets worldwide as avocados contain a variety of essential nutrients, unsaturated fats and vitamins and also important phytochemicals.

Avocado production, however, is associated with significant water conflicts, stresses and hot spots. Understanding the role of insect pollinators in crop production is also necessary as they increase the yield and quality of many crops. Hence research work on pest management, моделі захворювань and other crop-improving management practices is very important to avoid production pitfalls.

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Decision support systems in avocado production

With the use of METOS® decision support system you can monitor all relevant climatic conditions and soil parameters, and bring your agricultural work management one step higher.

Поєднуйте контрольовану та прогнозні дані to get a powerful tool, which will help you optimize your production and produce more avocados with less.

  • МОНІТОРИНГ ПОГОДИ: Будьте готові до захисту від морозів. Встановіть SMS-сигнал, який сповіщатиме вас про наближення морозів. Temperatures below – 1,1 °C can be lethal for your avocado trees. The exact temperature depends on the variety and for how long frost conditions occur.
  • УПРАВЛІННЯ ВНЕСЕННЯМ ДОБРИВ: Оптимізуйте час внесення добрив. Найкраще, якщо після розкидання добрив випадає дощ.
  • УПРАВЛІННЯ ХАРЧУВАННЯМ: Швидкий аналіз ґрунту допоможе вам внести необхідну кількість поживних речовин.
  • УПРАВЛІННЯ ЗАХИСТОМ РОСЛИН: With the help of disease models, spraying window forecasts optimize your plant protection activities having optimal control of the diseases in your avocado field. For example: Getting an overview when high risks of disease infections are determined in the field, using forecast to decide if spraying is optimal at that time; for example it it is followed by a rainfall of 30 mm, there is a good chance that it will wash away the prophylactic treatment and you will have to repeat the spraying to keep your avocado trees protected.
  • УПРАВЛІННЯ ІРИГАЦІЄЮ: Monitor your soil moisture to know when your crop is suffering water stress and start your irrigation system on time. Also know when to stop irrigation, in order to not over-irrigate, and to save some irrigation water.


Рекомендоване обладнання

Recommended equipment in avocado production | METOS by Pessl

Basis sensor set, needed for pest and disease monitoring of the avocado plant includes a дощомір і датчики для температура повітрявідносна вологість і вологість листя. Ці датчики доступні з iMETOS IMT280 і Хвороба µMETOS NBIoT.

A plant disease model is a mathematical description of interactions among the environment, the host plant and the variables related to the pathogen that can lead to the development of the disease.

Pessl Instruments models have been developed to provide the best information possible to enable conscious decision making and use the best tools to produce more, both in terms of quantity and quality.


Avocado disease models

We have a model for bacterial diseases of avocado, Xanthomonas arboricola or blossom infection of avocado.

У "The graph shows how a combination of consecutive periods of leaf wetness and warm temperatures (between 15 and 30°C) is followed by blossom infections.

Depending on the number of pathogens already present in your field, you should go and apply plant protection to your plants.

For a more detailed description (biology, symptoms, modelling) of Avocado diseases, click тут..


Watch your crop grow

З нашим CropVIEW® camera device, you can have a remote view of your avocado plantation, directly from your computer or phone, and see at any time how your avocado is growing and developing.

This is just a glance at solutions that METOS® decision support system can bring to you and help you to take control of your crop. If you want to know more, you can have a look at our Avocado production use case.

CropVIEW taking a picture of avocados
CropVIEW taking a picture of avocados

Photo: CropView Dual in the Field in Guatemala, 2020