Pessl Instruments weather-controlled application of pesticides and fertilizer

The communication properties of the NEVONEX system offer innovative opportunities to connect actual sensor data with online data sources for improved control of implements.

  • It uses data from Pessl Instruments sensors directly mounted on the tractor
  • Integrates current weather data and weather forecast from Pessl Instruments cloud services
  • Gives hints, warnings and decision support to the operator to improve the spraying and spreading applications
  • Controls the amount of water and droplets size on the sprayer as well as the amount of the fertilizer on the spreader

This product will reduce harmful effects of herbicide to neighbouring crops, improve overall pesticide efficacy, and lead to more homogenic application of fertilizer.

Pessl Instruments & NEVONEX partnership

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Wherever different key technologies converge, the outcome is maximal. Pairing machinery with dedicated and specialized applications which in turn can bring processed decision-support information directly to the operator and to the machine, mitigates risks and increases return of investment besides supporting sustainable agriculture. It is a pleasure being a part of the project that connects numerous solutions to ease the farming processes. We are excited to see how the market responds to it. – Dr. Heiner Denzer