Pessl Instruments has been producing reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for more than 25 years. At an early point in our history, we tackled many of the questions arising from the use of measuring instruments such as: What is the best way to evaluate the measurement results and how can these results be improved? Today, we supply the hardware as well as straightforward software solutions that set the benchmark for international co-operation. They control the equipment and record, transfer, and process the results. They help to work more profitably and efficiently in many areas, and to save resources.


Our instruments are available under our own brand name, METOSĀ®, almost everywhere in the world. They are used

  • in agriculture
  • in viticulture, horticulture, and fruit-growing
  • in research centres
  • in consulting companies
  • in the trade in agricultural products and machinery
  • in environmental and hydrological projects
  • in logistics

Latest projects

  • PI Firmware uploader (07/08/2015 02:33 pm)

    Windows application for connecting to iMetos 3.3 and iMetos ECO D3 board with USB cable and uploading firmware to them. Implemented also terminal mode, which enables users to access terminal menu of the station, reads data, do sensor tests, set user APN settings etc....

  • Software (07/08/2015 02:31 pm)

    Main project for maintaning all issued software from Pessl Instruments

  • Support (ECO D2) (10/23/2013 10:06 am)

    Instructions, release version descriptions, supported mobile network providers, bugs, ideas... for iMetos ECO D2.
    Intended for distributors and anyone who is handling with clients and has any issues to report etc.

  • iMetos ECO D2 (06/17/2013 03:32 pm)