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With each iMETOS® instrument you will get a password-protected access to all data measured on your fields. These data are stored in a safe place and presented in tables or diagrams.


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New Sensor Presented for the First Time at Agritechnica
Optifert "Lab-on-a-Chip" sensor

"Optifert soil nutrient sensor" from Pessl Instruments (Austria) has been awarded with the silver medal at a prestigious agriculture show in Europe, Agritechnica which will be held in Hanover/Germany from 12-16 November 2013.

"Optifert soil nutrient sensor" is a soil nutrient sensor for the combined measurement of macronutrients (Nitrate NO3, Ammonium NH4, Potassium K and Phosphate PO4) at the field. The provided data allows on-demand fertiliser application.

At the moment there is no mobile and user-friendly system on the market, which allows measuring the concentrations of all these soil nutrients in laboratory quality right in the field in close real time.

The used Lab-on-a-Chip technology enables users to perform complex chemical laboratory analysis on small microchips. The central part of the measurement system is a replaceable chip with a tiny analysis channel with a diameter in the sub-mm range. Unlike conventional on-site sensors (e.g. ion selective electrodes for pure nitrate measurement) this sensor detects various sample compounds, as the sensing principle generally applies to all ions in liquids. The analysis can distinguish all macronutrients NO3, NH4, K and PO4 in a single run, within 120 sec. after the soil liquid sample is placed on the chip.

This soil nutrient sensor presents a powerful tool for classic manual fertiliser application as well as for modern fertigation systems. The sensor can also be integrated in an automatic fertigation system where the application of fertiliser is based on the soil nutrient sensor data supported by soil moisture and climate data.

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Pessl Instruments has been producing reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for more than 25 years. At an early point in our history, we tackled many of the questions arising from the use of measuring instruments such as: What is the best way to evaluate the measurement results and how can these results be improved? Today, we supply the hardware as well as straightforward software solutions that set the benchmark for international co-operation. They control the equipment and record, transfer, and process the results. hey help to work more profitably and efficiently in many areas, and to save resources.


Our instruments are available under our own brand name, METOS®, almost everywhere in the world. They are used

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From meteorology to ventilation flaps

METOS® systems have an early-recognition and warning function; they help to plan, control, and manage complex meteorologically dependent processes. The instruments monitor meteorological data, the climate in sheds or sties, soil moisture, water levels, etc. They are used to calibrate sprayers and spraying devices. They control spray-irrigation systems or ventilation flaps. They warn against frost and heat.

Optimised crop protection

METOS® weather stations are available with sensors and a matching software to forecast plant diseases and changes in their progress. You can choose from a product range that covers all major crops and their diseases. Furthermore, Pessl Instruments offers sensor applications that help you to optimise your mechanical crop protection both from an economic and from an environmental point of view.


iMETOS®: You will be more independent and respond more quickly

All iMETOS® instruments transfer measuring data wirelessly to the Internet, where you then have your own platform for data storage and processing. You can receive warnings from our systems by SMS on your mobile phone. Other possibilities are to control the system via your PC and to establish a direct data connection. The software and monitoring devices of Pessl Instruments operate safely and reliably. They help you save time and take the right measures more quickly.