iMETOS® LoRa CLIMA is a new generation of the iMETOS® weather stations, which uses LoRaWAN connectivity for data transmission. iMETOS® LoRa CLIMA can be connected to any existing LoRa network, if present at your location or we can provide LoRa gateways, to establish your own LoRa network.

iMETOS® LoRa can handle various sensors. Data is permanently measured in 5-minute intervals and sent every 15 minutes to the server. All the data is synchronized with FieldClimate platform.

iMETOS® LoRa CLIMA weather station is (in LoRa terminology) an End node device, which communicates with the LoRa gateway. LoRa gateway needs to communicate (forward) the data to the LoRa network server, LoRa network server pushes the data to LoRa app and LoRa app pushes the data to our FieldClimate platform.

Sounds difficult? Not really. The user just needs to make sure, the iMETOS® LoRa CLIMA device is provisioned on the LoRa server and that the LoRa network provider pushes the data to PI FieldClimate platform, other things are, in most cases, plug-and-play.

We can provision and preconfigure the iMETOS® LoRa CLIMA devices and LoRa gateways on TTN or private LoRa server upfront to simplify the deployment process.

We offer

  • iMETOS® LoRa CLIMA with EU 868 MHz, US 915MHz or AU 915 MHz frequency communication module

Check the LoRa frequency plan for your Country or send us an inquiry and we will check it for you.

  • Actility
  • LoRaServer
  • The Things Network
  • A2A Smart City
  • Everynet
  • KPN

  • Cisco
  • Kerlink
  • Raspberry Pi with RAK381
  • Laird
  • NAS
  • Gateway with a satellite backhaul link
  • LORIX One
  • Ursalink

Model/Type Processor PIC18 with LoRa modem
Sensors layout 3 fixed analogue inputs: wind speed, leaf wetness and rain gauge
5 digital inputs: automatic sensor recognition
Housing UV resistant polycarbonate plastic (Protection class IP65)
Dimensions without sensors 30 cm L x 16 cm W x 19 cm H
Weight without sensors 1.6 kg
Expected range Up to 8 km (line of sight)
Battery 6V charging battery with solar panel
Solar panel Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 cm, 2 Watt solar panel
Measuring interval 5 minutes (by default)
Logging and
transmission interval
15 min (by default)

Additional technical notes for the setup of an iMETOS LoRa station are available in the Manuals section of our website.